New Year New Me

Isn’t that the thought that pops into all of our heads as soon as new year’s eve gets near? Every goal, every new project that you’ve been procrastinating on now looks like a whole new prospect to revamp the new year. I restarted the blog last year with a whole plan to be prolific but never got around it(as the fate of many resolutions). A big part of it was just being overly critical of the quality of content I would put out there but I’m ready to let that go now(getting older, caring lesser go hand in hand).

2016 may have been a year of celebrity deaths, global violence and shady politics but on a personal level it was a wonderfully productive year. It was the first time I relentlessly pursued my goals until I was able to check off some big things off the list. It was a year focused on well being and being kinder to myself. I was able to reclaim my body from years of self-indulgent(destructive) behavior and set myself up for success. I was also able to truly embrace the motto of letting go of toxic influences from my life. Tldr; It was a great year and I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

Now it’s time to carry this optimistic feeling forward into 2017. I started to put together a bucket list for this year the other day and I hope to continue to cross off as well as add more items to it as we move through this year. One of the items on this list was to start writing more regularly and hence the first post of the year.

Adieu for now but me and my musings will be back!

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